Mopay relaunches phone recycling website

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Most of us are looking to trade in our handsets within 12-18 months – with old handsets sometimes getting a trade – in but often ending up in a bottom drawer. Mopay can recycle your own phone, with a new website that promises to make it much easier.

Now, you just need to visit the website, choose your model and unique ID number, enter your personal details then post your handset to a freepost address. And in return? You or your chosen charity get cash.

The amount of cash will depend on make, model and condition, with payment is made within 7 working days of the handset being received into the Mopay warehouse. Or you can give some or all of the money to one of Mopay’s chosen charities – ChildLine, Help the Aged and WWF. In addition Mopay will donate an extra 10 per cent of the final value of the handset to your selected charity.

“An estimated 1700 phones are thrown away in the UK every hour which is a serious waste of resources and harmful to the environment,” commented Simon Walsh, Co-Founder, Mopay. “Consumers need to become more aware of the environmental impact of not recycling old handsets.”

Mopay website

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