Green Technology Initiative forum launches to educate and assist UK businesses


Today sees the launch of the Green Technology Initiative (GTI) which aims to educate and help UK businesses to reduce the carbon emissions from energy used by their IT equipment.

The analysts Gartner suggest that the energy from the manufacture, distribution, and use of information and communications technology emits around 2% of total global carbon dioxide. That’s equal to that of the airline industry.

The GTI forum provides a meeting point where businesses can find out how to reduce their IT carbon footprint from those with expertise and experience.

“Under the principle of green by design’ the initiative will educate and share IT efficiency and infrastructure design best practice so that IT directors will be able to invest in IT that’s smart for their business, as well as smart for the planet,” said Dan Sutherland, founder and acting chair of the Green Technology Initiative.

GTI is being unveiled today at Internet World 2007 in Earls Court, London.

Andy Merrett
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