EasyCallRecording launches in the UK, making recording personal phone calls easy


cans-string.jpgA new telephone service has launched today that does “exactly what it says on the tin”. EasyCallRecording is an easy way to record personal telephone calls, without having to invest in costly equipment, or hold a dictaphone up to the handset (yes, I have done it).

By simply dialling the service’s telephone number before the person you want to call, it’s possible to record and store important telephone conversations.

This could be used as vital evidence if you have a disagreement over the phone and need to prove what you, or someone else, said.

In 2002 the Financial Ombudsman Service urged British consumers to record important phone calls, but only a fraction of people will have done that.

We’re always being told by companies that our calls are being recorded. Now we can strike back. It’s perfectly legal to record personal phone calls, though you have to make reasonable effort to inform the other party that they’re being recorded. EasyCallRecording allows recorded conversations to be retrieved from the phone or sent as an audio file via email.

To use the service, simply dial 09010 654321 and follow the instructions. While it costs a lot more (60p per minute), it could store that all-important phone call for future reference.

EasyCallRecording is the consumer version of the CallFusion business-to-business call recording software.

Andy Merrett
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  • This service has now been re-launched at only 10p per minute for the pay-as-you-go service. A subscription service will be launched in early August offering even lower cost outbound calls as well as dedicated inbound numbers to enable the recording of incoming calls.

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