Tony Buzan launches iMindMap software


imindmap.gifTony Buzan, described as “the world’s leading expert on the brain” — having written over 90 books on the subjects of the brain and learning, and the founder of the World Memory Championships and World Speed Reading Championships — has now launched iMindMap software.

Grandly claiming to be the first ever computer program to accurately reflect human thought, iMindMap promises to “take Mind Mapping to a whole new level, and bring the power of this creative tool to a whole new global audience”.

But it’s just a tool for creating mind maps, right?

Well, no. Apparently it’s the only mind mapping software that allows you to reproduce the process of thinking creatively, where the computer doesn’t lead your thoughts. Other software on the market are little more than project management tools, according to Tony.

“Research in neuroscience tells us that a Mind Map that is genuinely created by you is far more powerful than one created for you, and that’s what our new iMindMap system allows you to do,” he said.

Mind maps are created simply by clicking and dragging colourful elements on the screen. In addition, the software comes with 320,000 animations, 3D images and clip art, allowing users to create visual, animated mind maps.

This fact suggests that iMindMap can be used by children and those who don’t or can’t use the written language.

iMindMap can be tried as a free download at, where tutorials and demos be watched. The software costs £58.69.

Andy Merrett
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  • iMindmap is very nice, but to me, Headcase was there way before Buzan’s amazingly late effort to bring his own technique to the computer screen.

    The master list of all mind mapping and information organizing software.

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