Ferrari going green with ethanol-powered F430 Spider Biofuel

bio-fuel-ferrari-430-spider.jpgJust unveiled at the Detroit motor show is this thing, the literally world-saving Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel. Place Jeremy Clarkson under 24-hour suicide-watch – Ferrari is “going green.”

The remixed and tuned F430 runs on the 85% ethanol 15% regular petrol mix that’s popular in the more forward-thinking bits of America. Ferrari’s doing this as part of a commitment it’s made to reduce its car range’s exhaust emissions by 40% in time for 2012…

All aboard Tindo, the Australian solar-powered bus!

img alt="solar-bus.jpg" src="" width="302" height="217" />
We've seen more solar-powered and hybrid cars this year than reported 'iPhone Killers', but solar-powered buses? Not until today!

Tindo the solar-powered electric bus made its debut in Adelaide, Australia last week, joining the ranks of fellow public transport buses offering…

Get bragging rights with a USB mini lamp that glows as you type faster

glowlamptype.jpg Bit of a self-indulgent post, this, mostly because I’m hoping someone in Japan can pick one of these USB-powered mini lamps up for me and DHL it over quick-smart. Any stalkers out there? Time to come out of your mothers’ basements and send me presents. Or else, Mum, I guess you’re reading this…feel like spoiling your favourite daughter?

As anyone within a five mile radius of my desktop computer can attest to, my biggest claim to fame in Shiny Towers is that I hold the award for being the world’s loudest typer. I can’t help it, it’s because I’m a swift typer with skillzorz bettering the average courtroom typer…

USB is taking over the world: now we have the Nandemo microscope

I’m not quite sure if some of the photos above are NSFW or not, but nonetheless, this article and the accompanying picture are sure to put you off your lunch.

The other USB creators (y’know, not Brando, but the similar-sounding Thanko), are planning on releasing a – get this, geeks – USB-powered microscope. Dubbed the ‘Nandemo Microscope’, it’ll allow you to get your perve on and provide you with close-up views of all those parts of your body you always wanted to check out. There’s four different attachments to the microscope, which allow you to perform oral exams, look inside ears, and focus in on your skin and hair…