Ferrari going green with ethanol-powered F430 Spider Biofuel


bio-fuel-ferrari-430-spider.jpgJust unveiled ahead of next week’s Detroit Auto Show is this thing, the literally world-saving Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel. Place Jeremy Clarkson under 24-hour suicide-watch – Ferrari is “going green.”

The remixed and tuned F430 runs on the 85% ethanol 15% regular petrol mix that’s popular in the more forward-thinking bits of America. Ferrari’s doing this as part of a commitment it’s made to reduce its car range’s exhaust emissions by 40% in time for 2012.

You’ll be saving so many polar bears by driving this thing they’ll outnumber cockroaches by the year 2020.

The (concept only at the moment) Spider Biofuel apparently has more power than the old petrol F430 and produces five percent less carbon dioxide as a result of the changes and engine tweaks. We’d better all get one then. The wife won’t mind you selling the house.

(Via Reuters)

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