Orange launches world's first solar-powered Bluetooth headset, the Iqua 603 SUN

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orange-solar-headset.jpgBluetooth headsets – meh. Nothing interesting to see folks, move alon- hang on a second. A solar-powered Bluetooth headset?

Claiming to have made the world’s first solar-powered Bluetooth headset, Orange’s Iqua 603 SUN model means no more worries about battery life, as when you’re out and about, the small solar panel on the outside of the headset charges in the sunlight.

Yes, I know you’re wondering how that’ll work in a country which is perennially dark, but according to Orange, talk-time in the dark is up to nine hours at a time, with standby time being 200hours. Judging by Orange’s site, it’s compatible with around 300 handsets – yes, including the iPhone – and costs just £49.99.

Orange Iqua 603 SUN headset

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