Sennheiser launches VMX-100 Bluetooth headset with intelligent sound quality

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Sennheiser has launched its VMX-100 range of Bluetooth headsets, featuring intelligent sound which should improve the quality of mobile phone conversations.

Its VoiceMax dual microphone technology and intelligent, adaptive filtering of background noise strives to give unprecedented call quality. It features Activegard to prevent hearing damage, and is ergonomically designed for comfort.

The headset weighs just 15g, fits the contour of the ear, and has a unique 3D ball joint which enables adjustment of the microphone boom. It also has a two-way speaker allowing to be worn in either ear.

One of its dual microphones is used to emphasise the voice, while the other works to remove background noise. It learns the user’s preferences, then maintains a comfortable sound level when walking.

ActiveGard automatically lowers the volume of unacceptably loud, high, or deep sounds before they reach the speaker.

The VMX-100 Titanium costs £79.99, and comes with a USB and wall charger, while the VMX-100 Black costs £99.99, and comes with a case, USB and wall charger, and car charger.

Available now.


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