Sony intros new in-ear headphones and Bluetooth headsets


Sony has decided that it’s time to introduce some more headphones and a Bluetooth headset to the market, and while it’s hard to get excited by either Sony’s product naming convention or the actual designs, they do at least provide an alternative brand for the likes of “Which?” magazine to compare.

First up comes the MDR-EX33LP and MDR-EX35LP in-ear headphones, described as “fun” and “affordable”. The “33” series comes in five high-fashion colours, and the “55” in three colours, and both feature hybrid silicone earbuds for a secure fit, a 9mm EX driver unit for wide dynamic range and deep bass, and cord adjuster/slider to stop the wires getting caught up…

Bluetrek Metal bluetooth headset: for those too lazy to lift their hand to their ear


It looks as though we may be approaching the moment the rest of history has been counting down to quicker than we thought: the time when it is acceptable – maybe even considered normal – to wear a bluetooth headset.

Only a few years ago the headsets were the reserve of only slimy sales reps and Nathan Barley types, and looked like some sort of Borg ear infection, but times have changed, and Bluetrek has come up with the Bluetrek Metal, which it is calling the “world’s thinnest bluetooth headset”, at only 4.2mm thick, and weighing only 5.5g….

Sexy ladies and mobile phones, it has to be LG – LG Decoy with internal Bluetooth headset


So much to look at. Between the handsets, the headsets and the four alluring eyes – two wild and predatory and the others homely but cheeky – I’m not sure what it is that LG want me to buy? Believe me, I’m in but am I supposed to be shelling out for a new phone or for a picture of a pretty girl on the phone box? Perhaps this is why LG has named their new mobile phone the LG Decoy?…

Sennheiser launches VMX-100 Bluetooth headset with intelligent sound quality


Sennheiser has launched its VMX-100 range of Bluetooth headsets, featuring intelligent sound which should improve the quality of mobile phone conversations.

Its VoiceMax dual microphone technology and intelligent, adaptive filtering of background noise strives to give unprecedented call quality. It features Activegard to prevent hearing damage, and is ergonomically designed for comfort.

The headset weighs just 15g, fits the contour of the ear, and has a unique 3D ball joint which enables adjustment of the microphone boom. It also has a two-way speaker allowing to be worn in either ear.