Sennheiser launch world's most expensive Bluetooth headset, the M 450 travel

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m 450 travel.jpgThese days, less than £50 can grab you a pretty nifty Bluetooth headset. Sennheiser however think “nifty” just doesn’t cut it, as they prepare to launch their luxury M 450 travel headset. They claim you’d never need buy another Bluetooth headset again after the M 450 Travel, and, with a whopping £289.99 price tag, you would hope so too.

Designed to work with the full spectrum of Bluetooth enabled devices, the compact, foldable headset promises to deliver crystal clear sound quality thanks to its active noise reduction capabilities and A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile.

Marketed towards regular travellers, the M 450 Travel comes packaged with airplane direct cable adapters and features a closed-capsule design so as not to disturb your in-flight neighbours.

Built in volume control should help you avoid fumbling around for you phone or music device, and USB chargeable lithium-polymer battery should go some way to accommodating extended use.

Sennheiser are pretty reliable when it comes to high-quality audio kit. Whether anyone needs a Bluetooth headset just shy of £300 however remains to be seen.

Gerald Lynch
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  • The customer service at this co. is real poor sent in item for repair and was not covered and sent back worst than when sent in.
    Then told they would take no responsibility for screw up on there end, stay away from sennheiser.From “one bad apple” pass this forward.

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