Sennheiser introduces CX 400 in-ear headphones

iPod, MP3 players

Sennheiser has upgraded its bestselling CX 300 in-ear headphones, introducing the CX 400.

Improvements mean improved bass, greater clarity, better dynamics, more comfort and an extension cable with flexible right-angle plug. Available in a choice of five colours (black, white, silver, red and aqua), they’re pitched as a high-quality upgrade to the freebie ‘phones for your iPod or MP3 player, offering a reduction on background noise, a better fit (with varying size adaptors) and high efficiency that helps prolong battery life on iPods and all portable devices.

The CX 400 with short cable, 1m extension cable, a pouch and three sizes of ear adapter retails for £54.99, with the CXL 400, which offers an integrated neck lanyard to hold a mobile phone or MP3 player, retailing at £59.99.


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