Sennheiser VMX100 Office Kit – Bluetooth headset with 35m range

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Sennheiser has brought out the office kit version of their Voice Max Bluetooth headset and just in time for Christmas too. The Sennheiser VMX100 Office will set you back £199.99, so you’d better like that special someone a whole lot to chuck in this 15g high end device as a stocking filler.

It’s ergonomically crafted with a 3D ball to position it just where you want it and it’s designed to fit both lug holes, although presumably at not the same time. The real bonus about this little device is that it has a range of up to 35m from the base station – handy in the home or the office. Walk in, strap on, chill out. Please kill me for writing that.

Personally, I don’t use a Bluetooth headset. It makes me feel like too much of a tosser but I do appreciate their usefulness in certain applications, such as driving and being a tosser. If I were to do either, I might well lust after one like this.

The Li-ion gives you five hours of talk time or 100 hours of sitting within 35m of the phone, waiting for someone to call and it switches itself off and on as you fold and unfold it to put it in your ear.

Like all caring manufacturers, Sennheiser provides ActiveGard technology to clip off the tops of dangerous noise spikes and stop you blowing your eardrums – handy if you’re a fan of listening to things.

The VMX100 Office Kit also includes a double microphone system to eliminate background sounds which should be included in most decent Bluetooth headsets these days.

Like I say, good but not cheap. So, I’d recommend getting the office to pay for it, provided you don’t work in the City and still have a job.

Sennheiser VMX Office Kit

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