Top 100 Christmas Presents 2008: 100 to 96

Top 100 Christmas Presents

christmas-top-100.jpgWelcome to the Tech Digest Christmas Gift Guide 2008! Not a top ten, not a top twenty, not even a top fifty – this is our top ONE HUNDRED gadgets that we recommend as presents this christmas. They range from the sublime to the slightly ridiculous, but with a few tiny exceptions, they’re all very affordable. We’re hearing some rumours that there’s some financial turmoil on the way. You heard it here first.

We’ll be doing five of the list every day for the next four weeks. If you want to keep track of all of them, you can do that here. For the first five in the list, click the handheld DAB radio below.

Duncan Geere
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  • Great, after reviewing your list, I found out I have a lot of Christmas to plan ahead. Unless Santa decides I deserve a huge package.

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