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Sony has decided that it’s time to introduce some more headphones and a Bluetooth headset to the market, and while it’s hard to get excited by either Sony’s product naming convention or the actual designs, they do at least provide an alternative brand for the likes of “Which?” magazine to compare.

First up comes the MDR-EX33LP and MDR-EX35LP in-ear headphones, described as “fun” and “affordable”. The “33” series comes in five high-fashion colours, and the “55” in three colours, and both feature hybrid silicone earbuds for a secure fit, a 9mm EX driver unit for wide dynamic range and deep bass, and cord adjuster/slider to stop the wires getting caught up.

The EX33LP is designed for smaller ear sizes, apparently, so perhaps it’s time to introduce your three-year-old child to the delights of Sony?

Moving on to the DR-BT160AS, DR-BT160IK, and DR-BT140Q, the clue is in the “BT” bit. Yes, this is a range of stereo Bluetooth headsets offering the usual feature set — remote answering of phone calls and control of MP3 player, and so on.

They feature a dual-support design with a soft elastometer (Sony’s word, not mine) hanger, and can even be supplied with an optional Bluetooth dongle for iPod. They’re splashproof (good to know), and the design is “street-smart”, so expect to be the Pied Piper of Muggers.

The DR-BT140Q features ear-clip headphones.

Available from October, pricing to be confirmed.

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