Bluetrek Metal bluetooth headset: for those too lazy to lift their hand to their ear

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bluetrek-metal1.jpgIt looks as though we may be approaching the moment the rest of history has been counting down to quicker than we thought: the time when it is acceptable – maybe even considered normal – to wear a bluetooth headset.

Only a few years ago the headsets were the reserve of only slimy sales reps and Nathan Barley types, and looked like some sort of Borg ear infection, but times have changed, and Bluetrek has come up with the Bluetrek Metal, which it is calling the “world’s thinnest bluetooth headset”, at only 4.2mm thick, and weighing only 5.5g.

It has five hours talk time and up to seven days standby time and charges over mini-USB, is available in both silver or black, and is composed of mostly aluminium (though I imagine there’s some… circuits or whatever inside their too). It will retail at around £30.

I’m going to hold-out on getting one though, until someone invents an “in-ear” headset, so I can pretend that I’m Solid Snake and sneak around tapping the side of my head, claiming to hear voices.

(via Pocket Picks)

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