Toshiba pico projector – nice tech but is it totally useless?

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My heart skips a beat the minute I see a pico projector but moments later my head kicks in. “How are they useful,” I asked myself. The answer, I’m sorry to say for this rather nice looking Toshiba LED device, is I’ve no idea.

This particular example of good tech, no application measures 10cm × 4.5cm × 1.7 cm, weighs just 100g – 30g less than an iPhone 3G – and projects at 10 lumens but perhaps I’m being narrow minded. So I’m going to come up with some situations where the pico projector would be a wonderful thing:

1) A drive-in cinema for mice
2) If you have very small walls at home
3) If you are a mouse
4) If you wish to project “I have a body odour problem” onto the clothing of your friends while they’re talking to members of the opposite sex
5) Watching a film from your PMP so that someone else can see it too – possibly while you’re on the move
6) The same as 5) but insert “game” for “film”.

Ok, that’s it. I’m out. The last two seem worth while but I’m still not convinced. Anyone with any better ideas out there? Any exicted mice?

(via Gizmo watch)

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Daniel Sung
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  • You just know that kids are gonna get a hold of this and start projecting porn in the most inappropriate places like in a church, in school, back of people’s heads on the bus. hmm… actually that sounds quite funny!

  • How big a screen can you project on to without it looking naff?

    Might be good in smaller meetings to save crowding round a laptop…

  • I think you’ve come close with your points 5 & 6 – combining a projector with mobile applications such as mobile TV, photo slide shows, or gaming is the key to ‘socialising’ these applications. Suddenly you can be with friends and together enjoy whatever was previously restricted to a tiny, personal screen.

    Now they need to add audio capabilities to the projector and it’s job done.

    • Or at least include an 3.5mm splitter in the packaging. A uniform flat surface wouldn’t go amiss either.

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