Nokia's three new Bluetooth headsets: the BH-803, BH-604 and BH-602

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nokia-bh803.jpgIt’s a busy day for Nokia, having unveiled three new Bluetooth headsets alongside its three latest mobile phones. The new headsets include two with digital signal processing (DSP), and another that’s a set of over-the-ear headphones.

The DSP model (pictured) is the BH-803, which is the most expensive. It’s a standard-design Bluetooth headset which is very lightweight at 11.3g, and should cost €140-160 (£95-£110) excluding taxes. The cheaper option is the BH-602, which also has DSP, and promises up to five hours talktime off just 15 minutes’ charging. It’ll cost €75-90 (£50-£60) excluding taxes.

nokia-nh604.jpgBut the one music fans will be most interested in is the BH-604, which is a pair of proper over-the-ear headphones, complete with three buttons to control play/pause/stop, fast-forward, and rewind functions wirelessly.

It’ll also let you take calls, of course, although you’ll need a handset that supports the Bluetooth spec v2.0 to use it. Expect to pay €120-140 (£80-£95). All three headsets are due to go on sale in the third quarter of 2007.

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