Three new Nokia phones: the 6267, 3500 Classic, and 6121 Classic

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nokia-6121-classic.jpgNokia has unveiled three new mid-range mobiles at its Nokia Connection event in Singapore. None of them are spectacularly whizzy, but they’re more examples of how high-end technologies like HSDPA and two-megapixel cameras are making their way into cheaper phones.

Pick of the bunch is the 6121 Classic, which is a 3G mobile phone with a two-megapixel camera plus an extra cam on the front for video calls. The handset also supports HSDPA for faster browsing and downloads – the announcement specifically mentions video streaming as key use. The unsubsidised price is expected to be €260 (about £175).

Second up is the Nokia 6267, a clamshell phone focused on multimedia – music, videos and photos. It’s another 3G handset, and has also got a two-megapixel camera with flash and 8x digital zoom, plus a second cam for video calls. It sports dedicated music keys to access its MP3-playing features. Expect to pay €240 (around £160) if you buy it unsubsidised.

Finally, there’s the Nokia 3500 Classic, which looks like a cross between Nokia’s classic candybar handsets, and more recent Sony Ericsson models. Its schtick is ‘stylish but affordable’, but it’s got a two-megaixel camera, FM radio and space for up to 2,000 contacts if you’re a social butterfly. This one’ll cost €135 unsubsidised (around £90), so looks to be targeted at pay-as-you-go customers.

All three handsets are due out in the third quarter of 2007.

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