Sennheiser launches gamer-friendly headset range


Hearing is just as important as seeing in the most intense games, so you need the kit to give you an advantage – which includes these heavy-duty headsets from Sennheiser.

Not just for gamers, they’re also for VoIP, chat and other voice applications. But they have been designed with games like Counterstrike and WarCraft Battlefield in mind. Four models are available, the PC 151 closed-back capsules (£49.99) PC 156 USB (same, but with USB for £89.99), PC 161 open-back deluxe (£69.99) and PC 166 USB (£99.99). Closed means isolation, open means some local noise gets through. All features a noise-cancelling mic with adjustable boom, ultra-soft earpads, volume control and mic mute, a big bass response and up to 118dB of sound.

They should be in the stores now.

Sennheiser website

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