All aboard Tindo, the Australian solar-powered bus!

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We’ve seen more solar-powered and hybrid cars this year than reported ‘iPhone Killers’, but solar-powered buses? Not until today!

Tindo the solar-powered electric bus made its debut in Adelaide, Australia last week, joining the ranks of fellow public transport buses offering free journeys to its passengers. Named after the Kaurna Aboriginal word for ‘sun’, Tindo is charged by the photovoltaic system back at the bus station in Adelaide, which can charge each of the 11 batteries the bus contains.

Able to last 200km between charges, the 42-person solar carrier doesn’t contain a conventional engine, so won’t be adding to Australia’s hole-in-the-ozone-layer woes by pumping out black smoke into the environment.

Now, for the important stuff – can it carry a keg of VB and a couple of roos?

(via HippyShopper and Inhabitat)

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  • Bloody Bewdy, she looks fab!

    I can feel the tide turning, y’all better look out!!

    So this news comes within days of Nanosolar announcing cheap solar panels.

    WOW, simply, “take that Big Oil!!!”

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