Fatbottomed girls will be riding today, on their E-V Sunny solar-powered bicycles

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A solar powered bike? Huh? Am I missing something here? Bicycles are already green enough, and I’m sure the exercise is better than nothing? I’m confused.com here!

A very strange man by the name of Peter Sandler, who hails from Canada (no jokes), has invented the ‘E-V Sunny Bicycle’, which is 100% solar-powered. As you can see, solar panels have been built into the wheels, which charge the batteries, powering the 500 watt motor to get to speeds of 19mph.

Currently in production right now, you fat, lazy sods can expect to pay $1,295, but just know that if you buy one, you’ll be feeling my wrath from afar. Lazy sods, defeating the purpose of a bike, bah.

Solar-powered bike (via Eco Geek)

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Katherine Hannaford
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