Top Five gadgets that would make the London to Brighton bike ride a lot more pleasant


My brain is in meltdown and my body in need of panel beating, for yesterday, with 26,999 others, I completed the 54 miles of the London to Brighton bike ride. Pedaling like fury while crawling inch by inch up the mighty Ditchling Beacon I decided to take my mind off my screaming thighs by compiling a Tech Digest top five gadgets that would make the London to Brighton bike ride a lot more pleasant…

Work those leg muscles with a bicycle/lawnmower combo

Wow, I’m really unearthing the crazy inventions this morning, what with the previous story on the flying car, and now these bicycle/lawnmower hybrids. Unlike the PAL-V car however, I can really see the use for one of these bikes.

Not that I’ve ever mowed the lawn of course, I was much too lazy when I lived at home, preferring instead to be inside with the curtains drawn, playing Tony Hawk for hours on end, but I remember my Mum coming in after several hours’ lawnmowing…

Fatbottomed girls will be riding today, on their E-V Sunny solar-powered bicycles

A solar powered bike? Huh? Am I missing something here? Bicycles are already green enough, and I’m sure the exercise is better than nothing? I’m here!

A very strange man by the name of Peter Sandler, who hails from Canada (no jokes), has invented the ‘E-V Sunny Bicycle’, which is 100% solar-powered. As you can see, solar panels have been built into the wheels, which charge the batteries, powering the 500 watt motor to get to speeds of 19mph…

Thank god the Dutch have invented the WheelSurf, now we can all look like hamsters

mobile-circle.jpgIt’s just not fair. Not only does the Netherlands have the world’s highest standards of living, beautiful scenery, and amazingly friendly and gorgeous Nordics, but they also get this incredibly cool WheelSurf. Queue flight sales to the Netherlands rising by 300% after this post is published.

Looking akin to a human hamster wheel, the $6,900 ‘mobile circle’ is powered by a gas Honda engine which can reach speeds of more than 18mph. According to Slippery Brick…