Work those leg muscles with a bicycle/lawnmower combo

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Wow, I’m really unearthing the crazy inventions this morning, what with the previous story on the flying car, and now these bicycle/lawnmower hybrids. Unlike the PAL-V car however, I can really see the use for one of these bikes.

Not that I’ve ever mown the lawn of course, I was much too lazy when I lived at home, preferring instead to be inside with the curtains drawn, playing Tony Hawk for hours on end, but I remember my Mum coming in after several hours’ lawnmowing, complaining about how hard it is, pushing a heavy mower under the hot Australian sun. I’m trying to imagine my Mum on one of these bicycles though, and somehow I’m not seeing it, no matter how practical an idea they are. But maybe that’s because she’s over 50 and last rode a bike in the ’70s.

Treehugger has the story, with 13 photos of different inventions. Great for the environment obviously, without the petrol being used, and great for those thighs too!

(via Treehugger)

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