Automower – the robot lawnmower


I can’t say I’m much of a gardener. It’s all a bit too much like hard work, especially wasting hot summer days mowing the lawn into neat little lines – I’d much rather get the deckchair out and crack open a can. And now I can – and get the lawn cut with the Automower from Husqvarna.

It’s a gardener’s dream, cutting grass automatically without being pushed or guided – even if there’s a tree or two to negotiate. Use the perimiter wire to cordon off flower beds, young trees, ponds and swimming pools and automower does the rest. 

As well as saving you all the hassle of mowing the lawn, the Automower is also good for your grass. With only the top of the grass is cut each time, the clippings are small enough to be allowed to fall back into the lawn, which provides a natural source of compost during the summer. And with blade technology in the Automower much more effective than most standard lawnmowers, your grass will apparently have an almost "carpet-like smoothness".

Don’t expect stripes like the Wembley turf of old, but if you want the job done without leaving your lounger, it sounds a winner. But you’ll have to be someone who really values their time – it sells for around £1,500.

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