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No one will care about the quality of food you cook on your
barbie this summer if you accompany your chargrilled – or more likely charnuked burgers – with music and moves from a 150watt surround sound system. Boston Acoustics has
unveiled its Voyager range of outdoor speakers, with seven different models
including a sub. These high quality speakers are protected from the elements by
a “UV-resistant polypropylene enclosure” with the drive units protected by a
corrosion resistant grille. For the sound quality, the new line feature
mid/bass with co-polymer cones and butyl rubber surrounds and 19mm or 25mm
Kortec high frequency tweeter units.

The Voyager Sub12 is so well protected that Boston claims it
can even be partially buried for improved subtlety, yet has a 12″ bass driver
and has been carefully designed for better performance for wide, open
environments. Or better yet, get two, as these have also been made to act in
pairs, squeezing an extra 6dB from the resilient device.

If you don’t happen to own an enormous pool-garden, there is
the Voyager Metro, a single speaker that can produce stereo sound with two 25mm
Kortec tweeters and a dual voice coil 165mm mid/bass unit, which is better
suited to smaller settings. Boston Acoustics’ Voyager series is now available
from UK dealers, at a reasonable price of £149 for the low end Voyager Universe
2’s or £699 for the premium 7’s.

Boston Acoustics via Home Cinema Choice

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