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You can’t beat having the capacity of a 30GB or 60GB iPod 5G Video for carrying round a large chunk of your music collection, not to mention those snippets of video. That’s if it’s a short journey you happen to be undertaking – with battery life sometimes as low as 2 hours of continuous playback for the 5G players. If you want more, it might be worth having a look at the iLuv i604.

The iLov is an iPod accessory can boost your iPod’s battery life dramatically by simply being attached to the bottom of the iPod – in the case of the i604, it can can extend the battery life to up to 55 hours. The battery pack also comes with a silicon skin cover to protect your iPod from scratches, whilst still making your connectors available to you.

If you plan on making a long journey soon, the iLuv i604 is available for around $85.

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