Forget the tights and cockpiece, the PAL-V flying car will really turn you into Batman


Figures that the concept for a flying car would come from the Netherlands, the only country whose drugs laws are so lax that you can wander into a coffee shop on the street and come out with a hash-soaked strawberry milkshake. Good times, good times.

A Dutch inventor, John Bakker, has created a flying gyrocopter tricycle, or ‘Personnel Air Vehicle’ (PAL-V), which has been in development the past six years and even received funding from private investors.

According to Born Rich, the people who tempt us every day with products we’d have to sleep with an Arsenal player in order to afford, the aerodynamic luxury 3-wheeler can drive at 200km per hour, with similar speeds when its blades fold up onto the roof and it can take to the skies. If this sort of insane death-trap sounds positively thrilling to your Batman-fantasy addled brain, then the fact that Bakker is claiming it’ll be available by 2011 for €100,000. Alternatively, that’s about 500,000 hash milkshakes, which would no doubt give you much the same experience.

PAL-V (via Born Rich)

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