Robotic lawnmower kills Danish man



The robotic lawnmower concept is terrific in all directions — they’re electric, so they don’t generate ghastly diesel emissions, they tend to mow daily and mulch the clippings so the lawn is healthier and there’s no clumps of grass to dispose of, and they spare your precious time. However, they do still involve heavy duty spinning blades and require caution, as demonstrated in Denmark recently when a municipal worker was killed by a robotic lawnmower. The mower became unbalanced, tipped over, and fell onto the worker, killing him instantly with a blade to the head. Video of the mower itself, the Spider ILD 01, after the jump. [GT]

Robot lawnmower kills Danish man (via Engadget)

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  • That’s it exactly Hanzii. This thing is not a Robot! The Robomower and the Lawnbott are robotic lawn mowers. This thing is more like an RC car than it is a robot. If you want the instruction video on YouTube the guy driving the mower is a good 150-200 feet away, this guy was probably under 20 feet from this RC mower. Last year there were over 92,000 emergency room visits due to lawn mower injuries, 0 due to robotic lawn mowers, and now there has been 1 death due to RC mowers. So far Robotic Lawn Mowers look like the better deal 🙂

    Check out the reviews for robotic lawn mowers at

  • Less than a minute the say it: “The radio-controlled slope mower Spider”.

    It’s not a robot, it’s a radio controlled mower designed for slopes where – ironic enough – driving a mower would be too dangerous. While the accident is tragic, the man killed himself and was probably too close while controlling the mower.

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