LG releases M7WD television monitors


LG, maker of many a quality display, has turned its attention to a range of “television monitors” called the M7WD series. These TV monitors are aimed at people that want to do multiple things with one display, including television, PC usage, high-def content and radio.

The M7WD range has a whopping contrast ratio of 20,000:1, and packs SCART, DVI and HDMI. It’s also got stereo 3W speakers, though if you’re serious about your home entertainment then you’ll almost certainly want to replace these with external speakers. There’s a 5ms response time, and 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is higher than most displays this size.

The displays are available in 19″ and 22″ sizes, feature a 170 degree viewing angle and are in stores right now.

LG Electronics

UPDATED: BT announces cheapest UK home and mobile broadband combo


It’s pretty much a straight up fight for your data between all the mobile networks and just about everyone else who pipes any kind of service into your home. Doubtless the electric and water companies will be on it soon enough but today is the turn of BT to land their latest blow in the shape of the cheapest home and mobile broadband combo package on the block.

They’re offering you a dongle, 1GB of mobile data per month at a supposed 7.2Mbps and limited 8Mbps home broadband package for a total of £303.08 over 18 months or just £15.65 a month if that sounds too scary.

The deal’s well over £100 cheaper than similar offers from Virgin and Orange and comes with the BT satisfaction of speedy set up and the fact that it’ll probably work more often than not.

Out now over here.

Sony debuts wireless DB-BT101 headphones, and MDR-EX36SC two-in-one headphones


This morning, Sony quietly added the DB-BT101s to its online catalogue. These rather attractive phones are wireless, and connect via Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, so they’ll happily work alongside a bluetooth laptop, PDA, mobile phone or MP3 player.

Those are the all the details we’ve got right now, but they do look lovely, so here’s hoping they’ll get some sort of Western release, along with some tangible specs, in the near future.

CES 2008: Toshiba re-embracing SD era with its 22LV505 – a regular DVD-playing combo LCD TV

High-definition format war? What high-definition format war?

Correctly realising that about 99.9999% of the world’s population is still perfectly happy to watch movies on DVD – or even lower quality DivX rips burned to DVD – smarting HD DVD format backer Toshiba is wisely also covering all last-generation bases with this – a 22″ LCD TV with built-in DVD player:


Work those leg muscles with a bicycle/lawnmower combo

Wow, I’m really unearthing the crazy inventions this morning, what with the previous story on the flying car, and now these bicycle/lawnmower hybrids. Unlike the PAL-V car however, I can really see the use for one of these bikes.

Not that I’ve ever mowed the lawn of course, I was much too lazy when I lived at home, preferring instead to be inside with the curtains drawn, playing Tony Hawk for hours on end, but I remember my Mum coming in after several hours’ lawnmowing…