The GPNC 70" PC / monitor / HDTV combo


70-inch-pc-monitor.jpgIf you can imagine it, someone in Korea is manufacturing it. This is the Korean-made GPNC 70″ LCD TV, which comes with the added bonus of having a PC stuck inside it.

Technically speaking it’s a full HD 1080p screen, has an 8000:1 contrast ratio, with an 8ms response time for the world’s best Half-Life 2 session.

But none of that really matters as you’re as likely to ever own one of these as you are a Ferrari F355 with a swimming pool in the back and Mariah Carey in the front.

The PC side of it features Wi-Fi, a wireless keyboard and touchscreen abilities, but we wouldn’t recommend standing that near a TV of this size. The heat coming off the thing would melt the lenses out of your glasses in seconds.


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Gary Cutlack
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