CEDIA expo 2007: JVC V-series LCD TVs

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Yesterday at CEDIA 2007 I grabbed ahold of JVC’s man of the hour, Steven Carter, to discuss their latest range of TVs, the V-series. With two options (the 42″ model being released in July, for £1,500, and the 47″ model – yes, you read that right, a 47″ LCD telly, those crazy kids at JVC are thinking outside of the box, coming in at £2,000 in August), they’re for those large of lounge and deep of pockets.

With 1920x1080p performance as you’d expect from the JVC maestros, the V-series incorporates new technology which will add to your viewing experience. For, you know, those close-ups of Dot Branning’s wrinkled face when she bemoans the death of Pauline Fowler in ‘Stenders. Excuse me…I’m going to have a little cry in the bathroom now, just thinking about her sad demise.

Take a look at the above video for some full-HD TV goodies, and to hear Steven explain all about this brand spankin’ new technology that’ll have us all salivating over JVC products in the future…


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Katherine Hannaford
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