JVC's HA-NC250 noise-cancelling headphones

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jvc-nc250.jpgThe funny* thing about noise-cancelling headphones is that they really do work. Try some. It’s not just a big lie so they can charge you £150 for some bloody headphones.

These new JVC HA-NC250 ones are out here this July and are promising an 85% noise reduction threshold, and, thanks to being proper, padded, ear-enclosing jobs, they ought to work well and be comfy.

The NC250’s also come with a carrying case, dual plug adaptor for when you’re flying on really old aeroplanes that haven’t upgraded to proper headphone sockets yet, plus they’re foldable to make them a little bit easier to lug about on all those glamorous, overseas business trips you attend.

*Not funny, just a bit interesting if you think noise-cancelling headphones don’t work. They do, although the downside is you have to put batteries in them, which seems like a technological step backwards.

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Gary Cutlack
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