CEDIA expo 2007: Arcam MS250 music server video review

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Yesterday at the CEDIA expo in London, I managed to grab a few minutes to chat to Stefan from Arcam about their new MS250 music server. Able to stream music around the house to four different zones, so you can listen to four different tracks at once – Dad in the lounge listening to Dire Straits, Mum in the kitchen listening to the Mama and the Papas, etc etc, it’ll keep the whole family happy. And if you happen to have a third child, well, buying the MS250 is the perfect excuse to adopt them out…

Part of the FMJ range, it features an impressive 400-GB of storage space, more than ample for Black Sabbath’s entire range of B-sides and shonky Ozzy Osbourne warblings, infact it can store 640 uncompressed CDs or, if like me you prefer quantity over quality (there’s far too many B-sides in this world to be bothered with uncompressed recordings), you can stretch the capacity to 4,800 compressed CDs, which equals about 80,000 tracks.

Borrow your mates’ entire catalogue of CDs and rip them to the hard drive, where you can store them by artist, album, genre and even create dodgy playlists, such as ‘HARDCORE DANCING TRACKS TO SCARE YOUR CHILDREN’ and ‘Chilled-out beach music, for when you wish you were anywhere but in your office cubicle’. When ripping albums, it normally takes about 10 minutes, and once that’s finished you can even use the in-built CD burner to mix and match the songs and burn your mates a groovy compilation CD. Y’know – now that Curry’s have killed the compilation cassette

Not only is it a music server, but it can also stream tracks direct from your PC or Mac and even features DAB radio to listen to your favourite pirate channel full of student laughs. It became available last week, and is £3,000.

Arcam MS250

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