Edition Space – the radiogram returns!

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Once, technology half to earn its living as both a piece of furniture and a means of entertainment. And if you hark back to the days when every home had a radiogram, you’re probably the target market for the Edition Space 071.

It’s certainly a confusing hybrid, part 50s-style retro home design (courtesy of Bernhard Lenz) with a choice of colours or wood finishes, but also a high-end loudspeaker system, that part being the work of sound specialists Trenner & Friedl. Hook it up to your Hi-Fi or portalbe kit and you’re away. Or if you don’t fancy any music, stick a vase on top.

The website is full of images and descriptions, but it doesn’t mention a price. If you want one, you can always drop the manufacturer a line.

Edition Space website

Via Retro To Go

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