Alpha TV – Brionvega's retro-styled concept set


Brionvega has been making TVs since 1945 – and with some style. A number of their TVs (and indeed radios) have positions in design collections and museums – including the Cuboglass (which you can still buy in high-end designer stores today) and the classic Algol portable TV.

And now they have a rare new model on the market – the Alpha TV – with looks very much in keeping with the past. It’s the work of V12 design and mixes today’s flat screen technology with the chunky chrome of classic 60s and 70s design.

Even the chunky remote control looks like a work of art. Sadly we don’t have any technical specifications about this TV as yet, but we do know it will move into production around September.

If you’re interested, it might be as well to start saving now – this will command a premium price.

Brionvega website

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