Cambridge Audio's HDMI DVD player and AV receiver combo


Meet the Cambridge Azur 540D V2 and 540R V3. These boring old model numbers mask two new AV devices of great excitement – an upscaling DVD player with HDMI support, with an accompanying HDMI-capable AV receiver for making The Matrix sound as good as when you watched it for the 20th time.

The Azur 540D V2 DVD player can upscale your existing DVD collection to 720p or 1080i format, also outputting at 480p and 576p if you’re working with a TV that’s a bit lower-def.

It also supports MP4 and DivX playback from disc, so you can whack ten episodes of Heroes onto one DVD and knock yourself out for hours. Composite, s-video, RGB/SCART and component connections mean it’ll plug into anything, too.

The Azur 540D V2 HDMI DVD player has an RRP of £250 and is also available in silver, if you’re not into the whole retro 1980s black styling thing.


And there’s this too, the 540R V3. It’s an AV receiver, with 6.1 multi-channel audio output, plus a two-in-one HDMI pass-through for connecting two HDMI sources to your home cinema set up at once. If you’re flash enough to actually own two HDMI devices.

80Wper channel is how loud it goes and you’ll be amazed at how many connectors there are round the back of it:


See? Amazing! That’s two HDMI inputs and one output, three composite, two s-video and two component ins, plus outputs so you can route the lot back to your TV easily.

Four optical inputs let you hook it up digitally to everything you own that makes a sound, and there’s even an FM/AM tuner for old fashioned people who listen to the radio instead of streaming music from the web.

Cambridge Audio

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