Evesham DVD1000 – upscale your DVDs to high-definition


Ok, so we all bought a HD-ready TV for the World Cup – but so far, for the majority, not had any real use for taking this jump up in technology. Here’s a reasonably-priced way of getting soem use out of your TV’s functionality – the DVD1000 from Evesham, which the company claims will upscale your DVDs to HD quality.

Evesham reckons the DVD1000 will upscaling your existing DVDs into High Definition Digital Video Streams, taking the picture quality to another level, rather like the junp from VHS to DVD. By using the HDMI connector on the rear of the DVD1000 you get a direct, pure digital connection to your HD ready TV resulting in what they describe as a "striking, unrivalled picture in staggering HD quality". Certainly some claim there. Apparently, older connections processed images twice before they eventually displayed on your screen, but the new connections remove this process of converting back and forth from Digital to Analogue, eliminating degradation.

The DVD1000 also supports MP3, Jpeg and DivX playback and if you’ve not got round to buying the HD-ready set yet, it will still work with a traditional TV.

Without seeing this in action, it’s hard to say how good the picture will be. But at £69.99, it’s not too much money to risk if you want to try it.

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Dave Walker
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  • i have a evesham DVD1000. In fact I’m on the second one. the first one threatened to catch fire. This one I’ve had less than 12 months and its failed. I’ve seen identical models with different names on for less. I think they are a cheap knock off brand and wont be buying another. the pic wa sokay when it did work though

  • hello. was there not another dvd upscaler not long ago for about close to £2000?
    if so, how do the 2 compare?
    £69 – £2000.
    lol. this must be a mistake. surely/

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