CES 2009: Arcam shows off the FMJ T32 Hi-Fi DAB tuner


This is the very pretty, but very expensive Arcam T32 Hi-Fi DAB tuner. As you’d expect from Arcam, it’s a top-end bit of kit, with a top-end price tag to match. Although it’s essentially just a radio, it also comes with a high-end iPod interface.

It’s got a DAB tuner, with band III and L-band reception, it’s DAB+ compatible, and there’s also an AM/FM tuner onboard, too, if for some reason you decide that DAB is too nice-sounding. Lastly, the iPod interface is viewable from the front of the display, so you can scroll through artists and tracks on the LCD screen of the device.

It’s yours for £500. That’s not cheap, but this isn’t a cheapy-made bit of kid. Full details are on the Arcam site.

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Arcam FMJ AVR600… Sounds pretty good.


The beast you see above is the FMJ AVR600, a powerful new mobile phone AV receiver for your home cinema. I mean, if “you” happen to have a large disposable income and a desire to experience films and the like the highest possible quality. I imagine if you were to watch the Blu-ray version of the 2004 film Downfall through this, it’d feel almost as if you were there in Hitler’s bunker with him, perhaps as a minor General or the work experience kid who everyone ignores…

CEDIA expo 2007: Arcam MS250 music server video review

Yesterday at the CEDIA expo in London, I managed to grab a few minutes to chat to Stefan from Arcam about their new MS250 music server. Able to stream music around the house to four different zones, so you can listen to four different tracks at once – Dad in the lounge listening to Dire Straits, Mum in the kitchen listening to the Mama and the Papas, etc etc, it’ll keep the whole family happy. And if you happen to have a third child, well, buying the MS250 is the perfect excuse to adopt them out…