LG J10HD Chocolate – same old branding moves to media jukebox

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Has LG not got tired of the Chocolate branding yet? It might have had novelty appeal a year or so back, but today it just comes across as pure laziness. It’s even slapped it onto this media jukebox – the LG J10HD Chocolate.

Thankfully, the system itself is a little more interesting, packing in a DVD player, 80GB hard drive (good for around 100+ DivX movies or 20,000 MP3s) and touchpad control. The disc player can playback CDs, DVDs, MPEG4 or DivX videos, while the two speakers are 75W and the subwoofer is 150W. You can burn CDs straight to the HDD or you can transfer media via USB. And just to complete the package, there’s HDMI output and VSM (Virtual Sound Matrix) surround-style sound.

It’s due in stores in the next few weeks, priced at £329.

LG website

Via Gizmodo

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  • Great looking, nice design, good sound quality even as you cannot made custom equalizations.

    Bad: No Id3 tags recognizing, only Gracenote and no Artists, Albums or songs without recognizing.

    Poor configurations. Desired options: touchpad sensitiveness (and on/off option), HDMI sound on/off, interfase skins

    Needed: Remote button for AUX in, video in, faster response, mp3 cover display, SOFTWARE UPGRADE.

  • you should date your reviews: this one says “…should be in stores in the next few weeks …” but was this written in 2004 or what??

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