Panasonic's Sleep Assist System

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panasonic-sleep-system.jpgThis is the last thing modern society needs. We already have no problems whatsoever getting to sleep. Most of our problems in fact come from wanting to stay asleep, rather than doing productive work for the benefit of society.

If you’re one of life’s oddballs who struggles to get to sleep, Panasonic has the bed/life system for you. The Sleep Assist System is an automated set of gadgets that sort your lights out, soothe you to sleep with a gentle massage thanks to the air mattress, then organises the air-con so it’s nice and cool when you’re all snuggled up and ready to drift into sleepy-sleep-land to dream about being naked in public and falling off things.

Hopefully the bed folds up vertically and dumps you on the floor when the alarm goes off in the morning, else millions of man-hours will be lost thanks to making us even lazier than we already are.

Sleep Assist System from Panasonic

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