Decide if it's worth getting out of bed or not today with the Oregon Scientific Weather Box


The Oregon Scientific Weather Box claims to be the thinnest-ever weather station, which will be a LIFESAVER, if, by some trillion-to-one chance, you’ve always been frustrated by the thickness of existing weather station options.

It is in contact with the outside world via radio, so you’ll always know what the weather is out there in the world – plus it regularly checks…

10% of web users take SICK PLEASURE from browsing while on the toilet


What is WRONG with you people? A survey by leading UK internet facilitator Plusnet has found that one-in-ten people have done some web browsing while on the toilet, either at work or risking a written warning by endangering company equipment in the workplace loo.

35% of users regularly go online from the comfort of bed, preferring to anonymously slag a few people off on the internet as a happy and relaxing way to end the day, with 85% of all web users currently hooked up via wi-fi and able to use their PCs wherever they damn well like and TO HELL with public perception…

It's dark. You can't find the thing you need. You need a Night Coaster.

This is a nice and simple gadget, and I like nice and simple gadgets.

The problem: You wake in the night and you need to take some medication / answer your mobile / put your glasses on – but it is too dark.

The answer: Night Coaster sits on your bedside table with your medication / mobile phone / pair of glasses on it’s surface. By simply waving your hand over the Coaster, a soft blue light is emitted and you are able to retrieve your item.

Top five health-related gadgets for Lindsay Lohan now she's out of rehab. Sadly Madonna doesn't fit in a Chanel handbag…

lindsay-lohan-rehab.jpgDear Lindsay,

If the word on the street is correct, you left rehab on the weekend after two months of detoxing and avoiding your court order of one day in jail taking care of your mind, body and soul. Now, we’ve seen how easy it is to fall off the wagon once you leave rehab (Britney Spears, Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse can surely attest to that), so it’s more important than ever to ensure you look after yourself, Lilo. That means no hard partying with Paris and Nicole, no more dangerous older men (unless you can snag Johnny Depp and pimp him to me occasionally), and please god, no more firecrotch flashes. I don’t think my stomach can cope with that anymore!

Surely you know how to use a mouse, so just click on the button below, saying ‘Continue reading’, otherwise get your assistant to do it for you, and read my top five gadgets for keeping healthy now you’re out of rehab. It’s for your own good Lindsay, and ours too – we’ve been rather enjoying reading about Britney’s downfall in the Metro newspaper every morning, and sadly there’s just not enough space for you anymore. Stop sobbing, and take a look below….

Marks & Spencer is after your parents' retirement fund with the Autograph Monroe TV Bed

Can anyone else imagine their parents walking into Marks & Spencer to do the weekly shop consisting of salmon, mixed fruit packs and raspberry ‘n white chocolate flapjacks, then making a slight detour at the home interiors department on the way to picking up some cotton Y-fronts, and ending up ordering a TV bed? Or is it just me whose parents are at ‘that age’ where their idea of being spontaneous and wild is buying some home furnishings? Still, better than skydiving at least!

Marks & Spencer have added to their home interiors/technology departments with the TV Bed, a leather upholstered Monroe design which features a built-in area for holding a TV. With the touch of a button, the TV…