Decide if it's worth getting out of bed or not today with the Oregon Scientific Weather Box

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oregon-scientific-projection-clock.jpgThe Oregon Scientific Weather Box claims to be the thinnest-ever weather station, which will be a LIFESAVER, if, by some trillion-to-one chance, you’ve always been frustrated by the thickness of existing weather station options.

It is in contact with the outside world via radio, so you’ll always know what the weather is out there in the world – plus it regularly checks the time so is always accurate to the second. Handy if you like leaving it to the very last second before miserably rolling out of bed still in yesterday’s clothes and stepping into your shoes to leave the house.

It’s only £40, so we’d imagine OS is pitching the Weather Box as a cheap Christmas present for any particularly nerdy weather-obsessed friends or relatives you (a) have and (b) don’t mind spending £40 on. If £30 is your upper limit, Oregon also does the radio-time-adjusting Slim Projection Clock, should your existing projection clock be too fat. Oregon Scientific is giving other gadgets casing-image issues.

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