10% of web users take SICK PLEASURE from browsing while on the toilet

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plusnet-toilet-web-survey1.jpgWhat is WRONG with you people? A survey by leading UK internet facilitator Plusnet has found that one-in-ten people have done some web browsing while on the toilet, either at work or risking a written warning by endangering company equipment in the workplace loo.

35% of users regularly go online from the comfort of bed, preferring to anonymously slag a few people off on the internet as a happy and relaxing way to end the day, with 85% of all web users currently hooked up via wi-fi and able to use their PCs wherever they damn well like and TO HELL with public perception.

“We wouldn’t recommend people taking their laptops into the bath or shower!” warned Plusnet UK’s product director Neil Armstrong, just in case you thought Plusnet was encouraging or recommending potentially dangerous and irresponsible net usage. It is not.

All of the above is the official explanation as to why we have used a photograph of a woman using a computer on the toilet today. Plusnet’s people took the photograph, not us. We’ve never taken a camera into a toilet, just so you know.

(Via Plusnet)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • PlusNet are easily the worst ISP I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with. They throttled and blocked traffic well beyond the levels they advertised, and when challenged first ignored me, then obfuscated the issue by claiming that their traffic shaping systems had been temporarily malfunctioning. Of course, these “malfunctions” continued in exactly the same way at precisely the same times indefinitely. Their customer service is also little more than a deliberate runaround exercise designed to frustrate customers until they give up. And good luck getting a MAC code from them without arbitration, even if you can prove you’re not getting the service you’ve paid for.

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