Dr Pepper follows through with promise to give everyone in America a free can of fizzy pop

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dr-pepper-logo.pngLadies and gentlemen, a large round of applause for Dr Pepper for not backing down on their promise to give everyone in America a free can of the fizzy drink if Guns N Roses managed to release their long-awaited “Chinese Democracy” album in 2008. Sadly, though, the UK isn’t included in the deal.

Keen drinkers in the States who want to get their can will need to log on to Dr Pepper’s website – drpepper.com – on the day of the album’s release, November 23rd. Fill in your details and then, six to eight weeks later, a coupon will arrive in the post for one free can of Dr Pepper. Confirming the deal, Dr Pepper marketing chief Tony Jacobs told reporters: “We never thought this day would come. But now that it’s here all we can say is: The Dr Pepper’s on us”.

Dr Pepper (via CMU Daily)

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