The Snowcrash Netsurfer combined PC desk and bed


snowcrash_netsurfer.jpgFor when those Warcraft sessions really start to kick in.

The Snowcrash Netsurfer is a semi-reclined chair and desk combo, designed to make browsing for bikini photos of Eva Longoria that much more comfortable. The monitor is placed at eye level to make looking at photos of Eva Longoria even more of a pleasure, plus it has little pillows to distribute your body weight. Which, if you’re buying a custom PC desk, is likely to be massive.

It’s a ridiculous idea. PC users are supposed to be uncomfortable! You’re supposed to have a slightly hunched back and aching shoulders. That’s what sets you above the rest, makes you stand out as one of the elite power users.

And why spend $4300 on a chair when you could be spending that on graphics cards and doubling your RAM?

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