Philips unveil HTS8100 SoundBar Ambisound "one box" speaker system

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Philips has announced its new HTS8100 SoundBar Ambisound system, which claims to give realistic surround sound from a single speaker bar.

Front and rear-channel signals are emitted by the six drivers mounted in the sound bar, enveloping the listener irrespective of their location. It doesn’t rely upon sound reflections, so listeners will get the full surround sound effect wherever they sit and whatever the size and shape of the room, providing that they’re within range of the speakers.

The unit combines speakers, 5.1 surround sound, and DVD/CD player, yet is just 13cm thick. Amplification is housed in the external subwoofer.

The unit can be wall mounted, or sit flat on a surface or stand. Extensive manual controls are located on the top of the unit, and the disc compartment is located behind a sliding glass door on the front.

Audio-wise, the Ambisound systems feature a three-band equaliser, and DoubleBASS. The speaker drivers include soft dome tweeters for increased clarity and clear voice performance and are designed for maximum efficiency for full midrange performance.

Video-wise, the HTS8100 features Faroudja DCDi processing, giving sharper images, plus the ability to upscale standard DVDs to 1080p high definition.

The unit can be hooked up to a Philips universal dock, enabling the playbacvk of music and videos from an iPod or similar device.

The HTS8100 will be available from July, with a RRP of £699.99.

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