Review: Philips SHB6102 – Stereo MP3/Phone Bluetooth headset

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philips_shb6102_review.jpgThe propaganda

We’ve all done it – you’re plodding along, merrily engrossed in music only to arrive at your destination with 20 missed calls because you didn’t hear your phone ringing. With Philips SHB6102 headset, however, those days are behind you.

Pair the headset with your mobile, plug the Bluetooth transmitter into your MP3 player and next time your phone rings it’ll beep to let you know. You can then take the call handsfree on the headset and return to your music when you’re done.

The good

It’s a very good idea, executed well – if you’re going to make a stereo Bluetooth headset, then it would make sense if it could talk to your phone as well as MP3 player. Bundle in a discrete microphone too and you’ve got a full handsfree kit.

Audio quality was very good with reasonable bass reproduction. There weren’t any dropouts or noticeable artefacts due to the analogue signal being encoded before being sent wirelessly to the headset.

The ability to switch between MP3 and phone at the press of the button is very handy and works well. If you’ve got a phone that supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) you can also listen to audio from that too and use the buttons on the headset to change tracks.

The bad

There’s a fair bit of technology packed into the cans which makes them quite heavy. Whereas other headphones sit over your ears, these feel like they’re hanging off them. It’s okay for a while, but you wouldn’t want to wear them all day.

Music listening time is also measuring in hours, rather than days, so you’ll have to keep them regularly topped up if you’re a frequent user.

The maximum volume level from the MP3 player adapter was also a bit on the low side. With the player turned up to the maximum and the headset as well it still felt like at times you might want it to go a bit louder.

Geek Sheet

Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, Handsfree, Headset

Battery: 12 hours talktime, 10 hours music playback, 10 days standby

Call management: Answer/End Call, Reject Call, Last number redial, Voice dial, Call Transfer, Switch between call and music

Dimensions: 145x151x60

Weight: 62g


The Philips SHB6102 is a clever, well designed product with decent audio reproduction. With the ability to switch between phone and music you’ll never miss a call again.

However, it is a bit heavy to wear for extended periods, could do with going slightly louder and at £79.99 is a bit on the pricey side.


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