Marantz debuts its first high-end DVD player, the BD8002


Marantz, makers of high-end audiovisual gear, has just brought out a flagship Blu-ray player for people with loads of cash or an obsessive interest in home cinema. The BD8002 has full 1080p and 24fps output, as well as onboard lossless decoding of most standard audio codecs.

On top of that, there’s high-quality upscaling for DVDs, and will play all sorts of stuff: VCDs, SVCDs, MP3s, WMA and DivX video files, as well as displaying JPEG images. There’s an SD Card slot, too. The BD8002 is available now, and costs a lot of money. £1,800 to be precise.

Marantz BD8002

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CES 2009: Pioneer unveils new Blu-ray and upconverting DVD players, new AV receivers


Pioneer has been showing off its latest range of Blu-ray players, upconverting DVD player, and AV receivers.

First up is a new collection of advanced Blu-ray players, all capable of handling BD Live for advanced disc features.

The BDP-120 and BDP-320 are aimed at consumers who want a simple high definition disc player right out of the box and come with 1GB of memory (either via a flash drive or internal memory), full BD-Live functionality, USB and Ethernet ports, True24FPS feature for realistic reproduction of discs recorded at 24fps, full support of all high resolution audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD bitstream output, and up to 7.1-channel analogue output…

Onkyo launches first Blu-ray player: DV-BD606


Onkyo, which made its high definition disc player debut on the HD DVD side last year, has finally launched its own Blu-ray player.

Focusing far more on video and audio quality than on the newer interactive features of Blu-ray, this Profile 1.1-compliant player offers full 1080p playback including 24fps “film mode”, Deep Colour via HDMI, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats including direct bitstream output via HDMI or 7.1-channel audio output, and superb audio quality thanks to a 192kHz/24-bit DAC from Burr-Brown…

Toshiba launches REGZA ZV Series upscaling TV


Despite the fact that most people have HDTVs, very few actually view HD content on them, with 99% of TV programs still broadcast in standard definition. What’s the solution? Well, according to Toshiba, it’s “buy another TV!”. Buy the ZV, to be precise. It’s an upscaling television.

It uses a “powerful cell processor algorithm” to turn standard definition TV into something a little closer to full HD, mainly by finding edges and sharpening them. It also tries to improve depth and texture, and even though the result won’t be as good as full-HD signal, it’s better than nothing.

Denon shows off super-high-end DVD-3800BD Blu-ray player with "wonder" DVD upscaling


If you thought standard Blu-ray players were still a bit pricey, wait ’til you see Denon’s DVD-3800BD, which comes in at a cool £1,600.

For that, you do get some superior technology, including reference-standard Blu-ray disc playback offering Denon’s best pictures to date, with fantastic audio reproduction to match.

Denon is the first manufacturer to use the 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset, as well as HQV video processing, digital noise reduction, and 12-bit/297MHz video DAC…

DVDO intros EDGE video processor, for those who must have 1080p with everything


DVDO has announced a serious piece of AV kit: the EDGE video processor that can upscale nearly all video formats to the hallowed 1080p, thanks to Anchor Bay Video Reference Series technology.

It boasts six HDMI inputs, so you can connect up a load of HD and “almost HD” gear, and two HDMI outputs. There’s also the usual assorted range of other inputs which will be perfect if you’re thinking of upscaling YouTube footage and other assorted ultra-low-res crap video…