Toshiba launches REGZA ZV Series upscaling TV

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toshiba-regza-zv.jpgDespite the fact that most people have HDTVs, very few actually view HD content on them, with 99% of TV programs still broadcast in standard definition. What’s the solution? Well, according to Toshiba, it’s “buy another TV!”. Buy the ZV, to be precise. It’s an upscaling television.

It uses a “powerful cell processor algorithm” to turn standard definition TV into something a little closer to full HD, mainly by finding edges and sharpening them. It also tries to improve depth and texture, and even though the result won’t be as good as full-HD signal, it’s better than nothing.

Along with that, there’s all the goodness that you’d expect from a high-end telly. It’s got 10-bit colour processing, dynamic gamma curve correction, a contrast ratio of up to 30,000:1, stereo speakers, and 128% colour reproduction. Connectivity-wise, you get 3 HDMI ports, component video, scart, PC input and S Video.

There’s a full power-down button, for juice-saving, and the ZV series will be available from the beginning of December in 42″ and 46″ versions. The 42″ model will cost £900, whereas the 46″ monster will cost £1200. I wouldn’t suggest replacing your brand new HDTV just for the upscaling features, but if you’re considering an upgrade it’s worth seeing one in action to check out the quality improvements that you might get.

Toshiba ZV Series

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