New Sky Player subscription service for non-Sky customers


Thumbnail image for sky-player.jpgSky is looking to wires under the ground to provide TV programmes to customers – it is planning a new internet based subscription service for Sky Player, the iPlayer-esque clunky, bloated piece of crap you installed once and gave up on before successfully downloading any programmes to watch.

The service replicates the Sky programme guide for listings, but will allow you to watch in a non-linear fashion, as that’s what on-demand programming is all about. What’s most interesting though is that you won’t need a subscription to normal Sky telly to sign up – you’ll be able to sign up to just Sky Player. But it’ll still cost you either way, of course.

Programming will be offered from Sky’s pay TV channels and a few other channels too. Let’s hope they’ve negotiated the rights to all of their acquisition programmes properly, otherwise it could just all be Soccer AM and Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old?

There’s no precise details yet on pricing, channels and launch date and so on, so the news is basically “something is happening at some point in time, maybe”.

(via Digital Spy)

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